Recruitment Matters


People are the essence of a company and they greatly determine how its future is going to shape-up. Perform a small exercise for its illustration.  Consider the name of any successful organization and make a note of the first few things that comes to mind associated with them. For example, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, GE. It can be said with certainty that the names of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Welch are among the top five things that comes to anyone’s mind respectively. So is it just a coincidence? Definitely not! It is these visionary leaders, who along with their teams have transformed the companies that they are associated with.

In his best selling and insightful book “Good to Great”, its author Jim Collins has stated that “Great vision without great people is irrelevant”. In other words, People are the most important asset for any organization. This quote also captures the importance of the recruitment function for any firm and highlights how important it is for the firm’s overall strategy. The recruiters in any firm, therefore, should be highly skilled not only at evaluating the skills of people, but also understanding the company strategy and realizing whether or not the candidates are the best fit for it.

At Jobskonnect, this is what we excel at. We have a highly skilled tea8-things-successful-people-perform-differently-from-othersm of professionals who are experienced in the field of recruitment and who have experience in a wide range of industry segments, ranging from healthcare to aviation and other service sectors. We offer the expertise of our team to companies and enable them to make the right decisions regarding recruitment. We help them in maintaining the right kind of people in accordance with their company values, culture, strategy and skill requirement. Thereby, we assist the organizations in maintaining the most relevant skill portfolio that will be helpful for the organizations in the long term.




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